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Planning for Success

Local associations around the county have been a staple in supporting organized bowling for over 100 years. The volunteer structure that has powered associations for all these years go through changes as new people recognize their ability to help the sport through their association. To help associations become more equipped for change and to expand […]

USBC Annual Meeting Reports

We heard several excellent reports from our attendees to the USBC Annual Meeting.  Here they are again if you would like to read them. Fran Reus  – Planning for Success Fran Reus – Networking Matt Jelsma – Coaching Clinics

Annual Meeting & Board of Directors Elections

The Annual Meeting was held on May 14 at Westgate Bowl at 7:00pm. Thank you to all those who attended last nights Annual Meeting. We had about 50 in attendance. We heard several excellent reports from the USBC Annual Meeting in Nebraska (which will be posted online soon), elected 1 president, elected 5 officers, and […]

A Future for the Sport

Youth Programs provide a future for the Sport Over the next two months we will focus on promoting Youth bowling through our A Future for the Sport campaign. When you think about it, isn’t that the core of what A Future for the Sport says? Learn more here