Grand Rapids Youth Shoots 1st 300 At State Tournament

On Sunday March 19th, Kyle Pranger shot his first 300 competing the Youth State Tournament at Century Lanes.  Oh wait, did I forget to mention that Kyle is just 12 years old!!!   This would make him the youngest Grand Rapids member to shoot 300, just beating out Matthew Buck who was 13 when he shot his 300 back in 2015. This may also be a state tournament record for the youngest bowler to have the honor score while participating, but we are still awaiting confirmation.

Kyle was off to a great start that weekend shooting his first ever 600 (628) in Saturday’s team event.  Riding that high into Sunday he managed to shoot 508 in doubles, followed up with  598 in singles which included his 300 in game 2.  Both of his days total up for an all-events score of 1734.  Kyle averaged 192 for the tournament with an entering  average of 158 up 22 pins from last year.

What an awesome way to end the season.  Great bowling Kyle!