1. Who can enter?
Any National 600 Club member. If not a member, submit application with entry form. Also must be a USBC member.

2. Where is tournament?
This is the good part. You don’t have to travel. You use league scores. Can’t go wrong.

3. When is tournament?
January 21 – February 10, 2019. This is for 3 weeks but you use your highest series from that 3 week period. So, you get 3 chances for every entry. What other tournament does that?

4. What is the cost?
It is $10.00 per league per division. Example: If you qualify for the senior division or the super senior division and you bowl in just one league and you want to enter those scores in both a regular division and a senior division, it would be $20.00. But if you only want to enter one of the divisions, it would be $10.00.

5. Is the tournament scratch or handicap?
Here is another good thing for this tournament. There is a division for everyone. It is handicap but we have added a scratch division this year also. So we have 6 divisions.
Division SCR – Scratch Division
Division A – 180 average and above with handicap
Division B – 179 thru 165 inclusive with handicap
Division C – 164 and under average with handicap
Division S – Ages 55-69 with handicap (Proof of age required)
Division SS – Age 70 and over with handicap (Proof of age required)

6. What average do I use?
The average you use is the average as of date of participation. So when I receive your scores and your recap sheet (which is required), I use the average that is on the recap.

7. What is the handicap used for this tournament?
Handicap is 90% of the difference of 235 less your average.

8. What is the pay ratio?
Prize fund is returned 100% and will be based on at least one cash award for every five entries.

There is also a friendly competition between local 600 clubs/associations and state 600 clubs/associations to see who can get the most entries. North Dakota won in the state competition last year with 75 entries and Fargo/Moorhead, ND won in the local competition last year with 42 entries. Can your state or local beat them? Probably, but only if you enter.

January 21 - February 10