Selection Criteria

All-City Team Selection

The Grand Rapids Bowling Council sets the criteria for being selected to the Grand Rapids All-City Teams.  The council is a separate entity from the Greater Grand Rapids USBC and is comprised of members of the board, proprietors, and bowlers.

Selection to the All-City Team is a point system based on individual performances in Greater Grand Rapids USBC Tournaments and league participation. The top 5 men and women accumulating the most points earn their selection onto All-City Team.

The following tournaments award points based on actual scores:

  • 700 Tournament
  • Mixed Doubles
  • Grand Rapids City Team Event
  • Grand Rapids City Doubles Event
  • Grand Rapids City Singles Event
  • Grand Rapids City All Events

Bowlers can earn up to 25 bonus points in each event listed for the following honor scores/high scores:

  • 300 game – 10 points
  • 11 in a row – 5 points
  • 800 series – 15 pts
  • 750 – 799 series – 10 pts
  • 700 – 749 series – 5 pts (women only)

Check out the current results here.