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2017 City Tournament Schedule

The schedule for the 2017 City Open and Women’s Tournament has been announced.  Team Event will be held at Paragon Lanes, and Doubles/Singles will be held at Sparta Lanes.  This years tournament will run from March 18th, through April 22nd. Team event squads will be 11am and 3pm unless otherwise specified. Doubles/Singles event squads will […]

Mixed Doubles Results

The Mixed Doubles event concluded last weekend at Park Center.  It was once again a great turn out.  This year we had 306 entries, and witnessed 4 perfect games by Sarah Pettenger, AJ Purdum, Melissa Sullivan, and Mike Horian. Brooke Short and Randy Hawks combined for 1453 scratch and 1544 handicap to sweep both events! […]

National 600 Mail-O-Graphic Tournament

The National 600 Bowling Club, Inc. conducts a mail-o-graphic singles tournament for its members. This tournament will be held from January 23rd through February 12th, 2017. Click here for a copy of the Tournament Rules and Tournament Entry/Score Verification Form. For instructions on completing the Entry Form, Click here CLICK HERE FOR FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS […]

Latest from the Bowling Council

DeKubber/Slott Win Lincoln Lanes Doubles Tournament

Lincoln Lanes hosted the 4th tournament in the Bowling Council Tournament series.  This event was a doubles tournament held February 4th, and was open to men and women.  33 teams competed in a 4 game qualifier, cutting to the top 8 for 2 game-baker bracket elimination. Jeff DeKubber and John Slott qualified 4th, and were […]

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