The Greater Grand Rapids USBC makes multiple scholarships available to all sanctioned “Certified Youth” bowlers in the Grand Rapids Area. Each of the three old membership categories sponsors scholarships, as shown below, as well as other scholarship programs listed below also. The Men’s Scholarship will be awarded to a boy, and the Women’s Scholarship will be awarded to a girl. The Youth Scholarships can be awarded to either a boy or a girl. These scholarships are applied for on a single application form. The Weatherbee Scholarship, Lomonaco Scholarship, and Orlikowski Scholarship are applied for separately and submitted individually.

Youth bowlers may apply for any of the listed scholarships, Men’s, Women’s, and Youth, but cannot receive any one of the scholarships more than once.

Dear Bowler,
Thank you for your interest in our Scholarships. Please make note of the
following information:
            1. READ INSTRUCTIONS VERY CAREFULLY Missing information takes away from your chances of being considered.
            1. You may have more than one (1) reference.
            1. With the exception of your transcripts, it is best if you have all of your information returned to you. You should then check off each item needed as you receive it. If there is any information missing, go back to the person you asked and remind them you need it. After gathering all your information, mail everything in one envelope to the address given on the application.
            1. Make sure your essays are HANDWRITTEN!!
            1. Make sure you meet the deadline for having all paperwork returned. Again, if paperwork is not returned within the guidelines given, your chances of being considered are diminished.
April 15, 2024!
Thank you for your time and consideration! Good Luck!!
The Scholarship Committee

Scholarship Application Forms & Information

For more information, or to send applications:

2405-A Porter SW
Wyoming, MI 49519

Phone: (616) 530- 8195

  • Men’s
  • Women’s
  • Youth Committee
    Up to 2
  • Lomonaco
  • Orlikowski
  • Weatherbee
  • Michigan State USBC
    Up to 6