Welcome Back Bowlers!

As this new 2019 – 2020 season gets started The Greater Grand Rapids USBC would like to welcome back all of our members across our organization.  We would also like to especially welcome the bowlers of Hastings Bowl to the GRGRUSBC!  We already have tournament entry forms out for the Officer’s Jamboree, and the 700/800 tournament which moved from December to October.  Please refer to their tournament pages to download an entry.

Also, this year the new “Dry Towel” rule goes into effect.  This rule states that at no point once competition begins can a bowler use any substance on a bowling ball without league or tournament official’s approval.  This is not just for cleaners, but also means that if you powder or rosin bags you cannot apply the substance to your the gripping holes on the bowling ball.  In order to continue using these substances it must be applied to your fingers/thumb.


Please follow our Facebook page to get notified of other upcoming events.  Good luck and high scores!