Mixed Double’s unofficial Results are available

The preliminary results are posted for the Mixed Double’s Tournament. We’d like to thank Westgate Bowl for hosting this year’s tournament.  Bid letters will be going out to proprietors for hosting next year’s tournament shortly. Be sure to return the letter to not miss out on hosting one of Grand Rapid’s most popular tournaments.

Congratulations to our winners!

Unofficial Results

Greater Grand Rapids USBC has a new President


The Board of Directors of the Greater Grand Rapids USBC has appointed Ron King to the office of President to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Patrick Cross. Ron will complete the remainder of this term which is due to end July 31, 2021.

A little history about Pat Cross. Pat was appointed a Director to the Greater Grand Rapids Bowling Association in the 1990’s. Pat served as a Director until he was elected 4th Vice President in 1998. He was elected 3rd Vice President in 1999 and remained in that position until 2002. Pat was hired by the Greater Grand Rapids Bowling Association Board of Directors to serve as Secretary/Treasurer in 2002 and remained in that position until 2006 when the Men’s, Women’s and Youth Associations merged to form the Greater Grand Rapids USBC. In 2006 Pat was elected by the Grand Rapids membership to serve as a Director on the newly created GGRUSBC Board. He held that position until 2011.

In August 2011 the Board of Greater Grand Rapids USBC elected Pat to the office of President to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Bob Dunlap.

Pat has been a steadfast and working member for Grand Rapids bowlers for many, many years. Pat’s ability to get along with bowlers of all averages, league secretaries, and the Grand Rapids Proprietors has been an invaluable asset to the Association. Has he bumped heads with a few bowlers? Absolutely.

Pat, with sincere gratitude and appreciation, thank you, thank you for your commitment to the Grand Rapids bowling community.

Schedule for the 2021 City Tournament

The city tournament is quickly approaching. This year’s tournament will be held at Fairlanes. The available dates are listed below. NOTE!!! Opening Day March 21, will only have 1 time available at noon.

1. Currently we are asking that the bowlers not bring spectators so as to stay within the current capacity limits.
2. Bowlers will be expected to wear their masks at all times — unless drinking and/or eating.
3. We are not able to offer any evening squads this year to allow the leagues at Fairlanes to complete their seasons.
4. Printed entries will be mailed to last year’s Team Captains as soon as we have them.

May 2020 Letter to Members

GrGrUSBC Bowlers,

Due to our extended “Stay at Home” orders the board of directors has decided to cancel this year’s city tournaments.  This will include the Open, Women, and Youth.  We also have some updates on our banquets, scholarships, and annual meeting.  Please read the attached letter for all of the updates on the remainder of the 2019-2020 season.

May 2020 COVID-19 letter to members

2020 Nomination Form


There were several topics/questions of discussion during this seminar. One topic was “What successes has your association had recently?”. Our association had success with the 700-800 tournament with several items raffled. Another success we had was the increase in numbers for the Mixed Doubles Tournament where we saw an overall increase in bowlers.

Some of the successes other associations had were putting together brackets for youth tournaments where the money was placed into a scholarship fund for the bowlers. Another association allowed their youth to be “Caddy’s for Cash” in which the youth offered to bring in the ladies balls for a tournament; the ladies paid them what they felt was worth it for them to be “ball free”! Another association had a raffle at their youth tournament with the money going towards their scholarship funds. Most, if not all, items were donated.

Another topic discussed was regarding a local awards program. Wisconsin has what they call a “challenge coin”. It’s a very nice looking coin and they place a clear removable label on the back of the coin with the achievement. If the bowler chooses to have it engraved, it is a cost the bowler will have to bear because the cost to engrave was too prohibitive. While we are using up the stock we have, we are looking into a new awards program. Please be patient as this does take time. We want it to be right and we want it to be what you, the bowler, would be happy with.

There were many ideas bounced around with a lot to digest. There were 10 tables of 10 association representatives sounding off. While it was very noisy with all the different discussions, it was also very informative. I would very much like to attend next year and be involved with Networking if it is offered.

Submitted by Fran Reus

Coaching Clinics

Why are bowlers leaving the sport? Many reasons come to mind. Maybe it is the cost of bowling per season. Maybe the season is just too long. In my opinion, the reason that people leave has to do with the fact that they just don’t get any better.

The seminar I chose to report about is on Coaching Clinics. For us, the objective of the clinics are to educate bowlers and enhance the experience they are having. We want them to continue bowling, improve, and hopefully actively participate in the many tournaments that this city has to offer.

In the seminar, I learned in order to be successful in this venture, we must be creative toward the bowler. We have to offer something for every bowler. For example, for the beginners, offer classes on safety, etiquette, and spare shooting (who doesn’t need that practice).

These clinics don’t strictly need to be for the youth and beginner bowler. We can offer clinics for the more skilled bowlers as well. Possibly a clinic geared towards reading lane conditions, or good practice habits.

What I took away from this is that we, as coaches, have to work in partnership. Whether that be finding the right coaches for different types of clinics, or even working with other associations to create a different experience.

We need to communicate to our audience. We, as coaches, need to get the word out to the bowlers in many different ways. On our association website we have all of our clinics posted. Along with that, we also use word of mouth to bring the bowlers to us, that shows in our numbers. Every clinic that we have held has gone up in numbers, and hopefully that continues in future seasons.

Using coaching clinics, no matter for what age or skill level, is a vital tool in keeping interest in our game.

Partnership. Communication. Promotion. Creativity in our coaching clinics. All building blocks that help build “A Future For The Sport”

Submitted by Matt Jelsma

Planning for Success

Local associations around the county have been a staple in supporting organized bowling for over 100 years. The volunteer structure that has powered associations for all these years go through changes as new people recognize their ability to help the sport through their association.

To help associations become more equipped for change and to expand the skillsets and needs of their board and volunteers, the USBC Association Development Team has developed a program, Planning for Success. This program is designed to assess the associations current state, identify what is working and what needs improvement, design an action plan to make the improvements and set a timeline in which to complete the plan.

Planning for Success will provide an extensive self-assessment and evaluation of the association, a timeline of events to be completed by the association, opportunity to design an action plan for each area of improvement, an opportunity to participate in at least two face-to-face meetings with the regional Manager (our RM is George Lambert) and the ability to participate on monthly conference calls to review current status and operations of the association. These action plans are designed to help the association move forward and create accountability among its members.

All of these items would be put in place so the local association can focus on improving, diversifying and evaluating where they have skills that need to be cross-trained and shared with others in order to provide a stronger safety net.

For Goal Setting, an observable and measurable end result having one or more objective to be achieved within a more or less fixed timeframe, associations should use the SMART initiative. What is SMART? It is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely. The SMART initiative is used around the country in large and small organizations/work places.

In order for Planning for Success to work in any association, the association has to be willing to make changes and will need 100% participation by the association board members. The process takes 6-12 months to complete and is in its infancy. Currently, USBC is working with four different associations as their pilot program.

As A Future For The Sport, our association needs to increase our volunteer base, recognize success and work well done, create accountability amongst our board members and create a sense of empowerment to everyone’s efforts.

Submitted by Fran Reus